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"... thank you for your all so useful brochure ... so clear, simple and brief!  ... couldn't believe I finally got her to latch!!!."

Read more on Amina Bon - Mother 2009

"a shame I didn't have a copy of this with me at the hospital!  ...would have saved on sore nipples and the problems that arose since."

Read more on Natasha Hammond - Mother - March 2013

“…your positioning and latching methods work so well.  I've even seen successful breastfeeding with moms who had flat nipples, larger breasts and infants with less than ideal oral structures and suckling patterns.”

Read more on Carol Bettinger RN IBCLC RLC BHMC-NLR - Arkansas

“The Pamphlet [The key to successful breastfeeding] is our most valuable resource for teaching in the hospital and at home.”

Read more on Sue Baker - Domiciliary Midwife 2012

“ … gave her your handout [pamphlet] … next day  … complete turnaround”

Read more on Molly Shakar - RN IBCLC 2004

“The diagrams are outstanding! … in a hospital setting with very little time… your chart … is worth far more than a thousand words!”

Read more on RN IBCLC - Name withheld

“… teaching women according to … your film “Follow Me Mum” has increased the number of women able to latch in my clinic.”

Read more on Lori Levere RN BScN IBCLC 2012

“Your video changed my (our) life! … The calm tone, reassuring message, simple but clear diagrams … a day later my daughter and I were on our way…”

Read more on Emmanuelle - surname withheld 2009

“ … when mothers were able to see [Follow Me Mum] soon after delivery, our teaching made more sense to them”

Read more on Karla Napier - Infant Feeding Advisor

"Parents are really enjoying the new teaching chart "Holding Me".  Thank you so much!  Your products are SOOO worth the money."

Read more on Janet Fishstrom Dombro IBCLC RLC 2012

“ … found your explanations and illustration far and away the most helpful.”

Read more on Robyn Stewardson - Mother 2009

“I have heard many reports from new mums saying what a useful and informative DVD it is.”

Read more on Lodia Wheat - Midwifery Student

"Rebecca Glover ... has a warm, confident, strong, wise women voice... ideal for guiding mothers. She is a natural teacher..."

Read more on JULIE CLARKE - Childbirth and Parenting Ed NACE Inc Advanced Educator