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Help for mothers and babies
experiencing latching difficulties

I regret online viewing of Follow Me Mum is unavailable at present. I hope the service described below will be available again at some time in the future.

Unlimited viewing: 

For Mothers: 1 week - if you are experiencing latching difficulties

OR 4 weeks - watch "Follow Me Mum" before and after you have your baby


Health Professionals: "Follow Me Mum" on your computer, laptop or tablet

NOW AVAILABLE for 1 year!

Watch the sample below or click on the TV icon to watch "Follow Me Mum" 


For Mothers Information Leaflets please scroll to page end

About this new service:

I have always wished there was a way to make “Follow Me Mum” readily available to mothers  who were experiencing latching difficulties. 

I found a way, by teaming up with who had the dream of making, best practice parenting videos available online.

I hope breastfeeding mothers and health professional helpers will find this new service helpful. 

Here’s how one mother described her watching experience:

“I was about ready to give up, when a volunteer consultant lent me your video.  The calm tone, reassuring message and very simple but clear diagrams helped me understand what countless other literature sources had failed to do.  I must have watched the video ten times.  A day later, my daughter and I were on our way to a great breastfeeding partnership.”  Emmanuelle  2009

Click Now to Watch Follow Me Mum >>

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