Teaching women according to .. "Follow Me Mum" .. has increased the number of women able to latch in my clinic

Thanks very kindly Rebecca.

I wanted to let you know that since I have been teaching women according to the suggestions for latch in your film, “Follow Me Mum” that it has increased the number of women able to latch in my clinic.

I find the poster is a great match to the teaching I now do. It is great because some people are visual learners and as much as the latch can be described, I find the poster helps to reinforce the teaching.

Now that you have a pamphlet they will be able to take home the information, making it more likely they will repeat the latch they do here with me.


Lori Levere RN BScN IBCLC


Hi Rebecca ,  I would be honored if you used my comments. I had a person observing me this past week and when she saw how I was advising and assisting mothers to latch according to your film and poster she said she has never tried this technique but would from now on, it impressed her so much.

Thanks again,