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Rebecca Glover RN RM IBCLC

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During my Midwifery training in 1970, an experienced midwife taught me a positioning and attaching technique that I found consistently produced pain free effective breastfeeding, especially when a mother and baby were struggling with attachment.

However I discovered that this technique was not universally used or understood and I wanted to know how and why it made such a difference.  Most of all I wanted to know how I could effectively pass the “know how” on to a mother who needed it. Over the years research provided pieces of the jigsaw puzzle until it became evident that this technique worked so well because it triggered and supported the innate reflex breastfeeding behaviours built into every newborn baby.

In 1989 I became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). and for many years ran a private practice; assisting mother with breastfeeding difficulties, teaching antenatal classes, conducting workshops, speaking to health professionals (nationally and internationally) and producing a range of breastfeeding education materials, which include the DVD “Follow Me Mum”. My materials are widely used in hospitals and clinics throughout Australia and in many other countries.

I do hope you find this website helpful as I continue my passion for educating mothers and health professionals about the process and practice of breastfeeding.

Rebecca Glover


“Rebecca Glover … has a warm, confident, strong, wise women voice… ideal for guiding mothers. She is a natural teacher… “  read more ...
Julie Clarke - Childbirth and Parenting Ed NACE Inc Advanced Educator