Tear-off Sheets Holding Me Touching You - Look what I can do 1 Pad

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Help for mothers and babies
experiencing latching difficulties

Tear-off Sheets Holding Me Touching You - Look what I can do 1 Pad




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I regret to inform that Rebecca is retiring and this product is now OUT OF STOCK and DISCONTINUED.

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Single side - 50 Sheets / pad - A4 Size (8¼ x 11¾ inches)

Also available as a Teaching Chart & Wall Poster

Designed to help mothers understand the KEY concepts of:

  • Positioning Images - model effective breastfeeding behaviourFirm full frontal contact

To trigger a cascade of hormonal and reflex responses in mother and baby.

  • Stability

To support strong, controlled reflex movements of a baby’s head, neck and oral area.

  • Mouth to breast alignment

That allows baby to take a deep, comfortable and effective latch - includes the ‘Hamburger Analogy’.

"Parents are really enjoying the new teaching chart 'holding me'… Thank you so much! Your products are SOOO worth the money."           

                                                                           Janet Fishstrom Dombro,IBCLC,RLC   read more ....


Use these images to show a mother what it means to have:


  • Baby’s full-front in firm contact with her body and breast – closely applied.
  • A well supported straight back and open posture to make a flatter space for baby’s body fit underneath her breasts.*
  • Baby’s body “uncurled”, open and prone against her body.
  • The heel of her hand holding baby’s shoulder blades with her fingers relaxed - providing shoulder girdle stability.
  • Baby’s whole body facing her and closely applied to her body - providing midline stability for the symmetrical movement of the muscles on both sides of baby’s head neck and oral area.
  • Baby’s chest snug against the base and side of her breast,* chin into the breast, nose away from the breast. Baby’s instinctive latching posture.


And how to help her baby take a deep effective mouthful of breast 


With baby's tongue and lower jaw deep under the breast, the breast filling baby's mouth, and the nipple resting at the back of baby's mouth - a safe place where it cannot be pinched or damaged. 

  • Breastfeeding teaching aid - Prevent nipple painHow to offer baby more breast below the nipple
    • Using the images and the hamburger analogy Glover, R. & Wiessinger, D. (2012)
  • Where baby’s bottom lip needs to anchor on her breast for a deep latch
    • Areola size varies – the bottom lip needs to anchor at least 3-4 cm from the base of the nipple 

Send a mother home with a tear-off sheet – Write your additional and individual notes on the back 


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